We offer our expertize to clients in a variety of formats: traditional consulting assignments, term limited contract arrangements; ongoing support on a retainer basis and more recently the $4,800 service package, which many smaller clients prefer.

Talk to us for free advice

If you have need of any sort of assistance in your finance department, do not hesitate to call us. We are familiar with most of the issues that municipalities in BC are dealing with, as well as most of the players who offer solutions. We are happy to discuss any issue with you and point you in the right direction free of charge. Most of the  time we will let you know what other municipalities have done in similar circumstances and let you know which consultants are working with those issues.  We will only take on assignments ourselves where we have the expertize and  see a good fit with your organization. Email if you would like to chat.

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Financial Sustainability Plan – Getting Started Package

Effective financial sustainability planning, takes time, involves many players and will go through several iterations. It requires staff and financial resources, and is a project that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to have a clear idea of the purpose and a commitment to the process. The “Getting started package” allows you to identify your key issues, develop an approach and deliver justifications to your decision-makers. This can be done within a couple of weeks for a limited dollar outlay. It will give you useful information whether you decide to do all the work in-house or with consultants, whether you decide to proceed immediately or stage the process over several years. Click here for more information. Getting Started Package

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Community Financial Profiles

While communities must issue annual financial statements, these are usually not widely read and most people find them difficult to interpret. A community financial profile is a 20-30 page document that gives readers a context for and an interpretation of the financial information of your organization. It gives a clear view of all the key financial data: Taxes assessments, debt, reserves in graphical as well as percentage forms, together with comparatives for neighbouring municipalities and the province as a whole. The profile can be used on its own as an education tool for councilors and citizens, as a starting point for discussions on financials issues and risk or as a starting point for long-term financial planning. Click here for more information. Community Financial Profile Package

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Reserve & Surplus Analysis

Many communities put money aside for asset replacement, contingencies, or working capital. These allocations are shown on the municipal balance sheet as reserves (part of accumulated surplus) and are usually represented by an equivalent sum of cash. Sometimes members of the council of public question the amount set aside; whether it is adequate or whether it is too much. We can analyze the adequacy of individual reserves based on a series of criteria, make recommendations on minimum and maximum levels as well as annual top-up requirements. This can be enshrined in a reserves policy which can act as a justification for levels and a guide for the future. Click here for more information. Analysis of Reserves Package

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Financial Literacy Training

We offer workshops in Financial Literacy and “Finance for Non-financial professionals” based on Colour Accounting. Warren Buffet said “Accounting is the language of business, and you have to learn it like language. You can’t be comfortable in the country if you aren’t comfortable with the language. To be successful at business, you have to understand the underlying financial values of the business.”
Accounting is a language, and a focus on plain language is one of the features that sets Color Accounting™ apart from regular accounting classes. Color Accounting has identified three fundamental keys to learning accounting. Without all three keys, you won’t truly ‘get’ accounting. And with the three keys, learning accounting becomes EASY. We call them the Aspects of Learning: (1) Structure, (2) Language, and (3) Movement. When you grasp the three keys, the results are almost unbelievable. True, deep, powerful and rapid understanding of accounting… and incredibly quickly. Email us to find out more.